OSCE PA President calls for broad consensus for electoral reforms in Armenia

George Tsereteli
George Tsereteli

Photo: wikimedia.org

Yerevan/Mediamax/. OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President George Tsereteli has welcomed Armenia’s ongoing efforts to implement electoral reforms, urging broad political consensus for any changes to the electoral system.

Tsereteli has also reiterated the OSCE and the Parliamentary Assembly’s commitment to supporting the continued democratic development of Armenia.


“Following a dramatic change of government earlier this year, the Armenian political system has been put to a new test. I’m pleased to see a willingness for political forces to work together constructively, and with planned reforms to electoral processes, broad consensus is doubly important,” said President Tsereteli.


“The responsibility for this process lies clearly in the hands of Armenia’s people and authorities, and the OSCE and the Parliamentary Assembly remain committed to supporting this process for the best possible outcome,” he added. 


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