Ter-Petrosyan: Spontaneous protests work against Pashinyan

Photo: PAN Photo

Yerevan /Mediamax/. The first president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan has come forward with remarks again about current situation in the country.

“The most important period for any revolution is the time immediately after the victory. In that period activists of the united movement start making independent moves, running on excitement from the victory, and try to solve multiple local problems accumulated with years through the methods of revolution. That is what we see today,” writes Ter-Petrosyan in the article “The danger to Armenian statehood”.

He notes that “Pashinyan is the Prime Minister now, the head of the state whose most important duty is to secure normal workflow of government bodies”.

“Consequently, although these spontaneous protests, seizure of buildings and blocking of roads are done with good and sincere intentions, they actually work against Pashinyan. I do not exclude the possibility that the overthrown regime is inciting some of these protests along with real activists. The regime might have conceded, but it is far from capitulation,” writes Ter-Petrosyan.

The former president is certain that the Republican Party will approve the government program a few days later “in order to put the full responsibility of state governance onto Pashinyan and avoid snap elections that would be very unfavorable for them at the moment”.

“Then the people in RPA who are still loyal to the deposed regime will try to derail legislative initiatives of the new government and use similar methods in other cases to damage the authority of the government through obvious sabotage and create an uncontrollable, chaotic situation in the country,” said Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

He also adds, “At the moment, the popular movement has recorded a big win: it has defeated the tyranny of 20 years in Armenia. That achievement alone earns Nikol Pashinyan a place in Armenian history. If he fails to go through this dangerous period and emerge victorious and dignified to take a more honorary place in history, it would be a great disappointment for Armenian people.”


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