Armenian PM: No bribe-taker should sleep well

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has introduced the newly appointed Director of National Security Service (NSS) Artur Vanetsyan to the staff and outlined the problems that the agency should consider priorities.

“The top priority is to make drastic changes in counter-intelligence and take its efficiency to maximum. The next priority is the fight against corruption. We don’t have a universal body to fight corruption in Armenia. I believe this function must belong to the National Security Service. The problem is very clear: no corrupt official taking bribes and making decisions based on clan system should sleep well in Armenia,” said Pashinyan.


The head of the government has stressed that NSS has to work with other state bodies to exclude tax abuse and smuggling.


Pashinyan has also thanked former NSS Director Geogri Kutoyan for doing his best during recent political developments in the country.


“Armenia missed many historic opportunities and it is our common duty to act differently this time. I am certain your efforts will help us break that habit,” concluded the Prime Minister. 


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