Baku condemns France’s delivery of armored vehicles to Armenia -


Baku condemns France’s delivery of armored vehicles to Armenia


Yerevan /Mediamax/. The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has condemned France’s shipment of Bastion armored vehicles to Armenia.

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ayhan Hajizada said that the supply of this equipment “will serve to strengthening Armenia’s military potential and destructive actions in the region.”


“These steps by France, which positions itself as an advocate of peace and stability in the region, seriously question the efforts for normalization of relations based on mutual recognition of sovereignty, territorial integrity and international borders of states and serve to aggravate the situation,” Hajizada said.


“Armenia and France should end armament and militarization policy in the region, and finally understand that there is no alternative to peace and cooperation in the region,” the Azerbaijani diplomat added.


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